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Install the CLI

With the Bash Installer (MacOS, Linux)

To install the CLI with the bash installer, type and run the following command in your command line:

curl -sLo ugs_installer && shasum -c <<<"3bbc507d4776a20d5feb4958be2ab7d4edcea8eb  ugs_installer" && bash ugs_installer

This installs the latest version of the UGS CLI. After installation, get help on how to use the CLI by typing ugs -h and pressing enter.

Installer Options

OptionDescriptionDefault Value
versionWhen added, it allows you to specify the version of the UGS CLI to installlatest
uninstallWhen set to true, it allows you to uninstall the UGS CLIfalse
diagnosticsWhen set to false, installation diagnostics will not be senttrue

Usage Examples

Installing a specific version of the CLI (1.0.0 for example):

curl -sLo ugs_installer && shasum -c <<<"3bbc507d4776a20d5feb4958be2ab7d4edcea8eb  ugs_installer" && version=1.0.0 bash ugs_installer

Uninstalling the CLI:

curl -sLo ugs_installer && shasum -c <<<"3bbc507d4776a20d5feb4958be2ab7d4edcea8eb  ugs_installer" && uninstall=true bash ugs_installer

With npm

To install the CLI with npm, make sure you have node and npm installed, then run:

npm install -g ugs

This installs the CLI as an npm package and adds ugs to your PATH.

After installation, you should be able to call ugs --version and other commands directly from your command line.

From GitHub

To install official releases of the Unity Gaming Services CLI, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the GitHub Releases page.
  2. Find the latest version.
  3. Under "Assets", click and download the file for your operating system.
  4. Rename the file to ugs.
  5. On macos and linux, use chmod +x <path_to_executable> to mark the file as executable.

At this point, the CLI will be usable if called by the terminal in the same directory, or by specifying the application's path.

For convenience, you can add the executable to PATH.

Operating System Compatibility

Operating SystemRequired Version
Windows10 or later
LinuxUbuntu, Alpine or other major distros
MacOS10.15 or later