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Config Update

Update an existing lobby config in Remote Config.

Authentication Required: Yes

ugs lobby config update <config-id> <body> [options]


<config-id> The ID of the config to update.

<body> The JSON body containing the updated config value. If this is a file path, the content of the file is used; otherwise, the raw string is used.


project-id-p, --project-idThe Unity cloud project ID.
help-?, -h, --helpDisplay help and usage information.
quiet-q, --quietReduce logging to a minimum.
json-j, --jsonUse JSON as the output format.

Body option

The body option must include the type and values array of a config to update. No other data should be present. For example:

"type": "lobby",
"value": [
"key": "lobbyConfig",
"type": "json",
"schemaId": "lobby",
"value": {
"someBoolValue": false,
"someIntegerValue": 30,
"someObject": {
"maximum": 8,
"minimum": 4