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Getting Started



To be able to use Unity Services, a few prerequisite steps are necessary:

Create a Unity account

First, you need to have a Unity account. This allows you to use our developer products including the Unity Dashboard. If you are new to Unity, head to Unity Dashboard and create your account.

Create a Unity project

In order to get started, make sure you have your Unity project created in the Unity Dashboard.

To create a new Unity project in the dashboard:

  1. Select Projects from the primary navigation menu.
  2. Click Create project in the upper-right of the Projects page.
  3. Enter a project name and COPPA designation.
  4. Click Create project.

New projects are assigned to the active Organization at the time of creation. As such, projects inherit their Organization’s member roles and settings. However, if users need special access to certain tools or information, you can assign project-specific roles without granting access across the entire Organization’s portfolio of projects. Note that you can also transfer projects to a different Organization.

Using Unity Services in your game

There are two ways to access Unity Services programmatically : Client SDKs or Web APIs.

Client SDKs make it easier to access Unity Services APIs from a supported language (C#) within the context of the Unity Editor.

While you can use Unity Services APIs directly by calling our servers through Web APIs, Client SDKs simplify this process and significantly reduce the amount of code you need to write.

If you intend on using any Unity Services product within the Unity Engine, we recommend that you use the Unity provided Client SDKs. To do so, check out the SDK documentation and head to the Unity Dashboard under the Projects > SDK Download page to download the SDKs.

On the other hand, using the Web APIs provides more flexibility and allows you to automate your workflows by using your favorite language and gaming engine!

This portal is the reference for the Unity Services Web APIs.

If you are using our APIs for the first time, you can follow the steps in this guide to call the APIs using curl commands. You can use curl to experiment with an API before developing the application.


Once you have completed the prerequisite steps above, refer to the Authentication section to see how to setup authentication for the API you chose.

Test an endpoint

Once you have the credentials for your API, test the endpoint you are trying to reach by calling the API directly.