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The Fetch command is an interface to Fetch configurations of supported services from the backend.

Supported services: Remote Config, Cloud Code (Javascript only), Economy, Leaderboards and Access.


ugs fetch <path> [options]


<path> the path to fetch to. Accepts a single directory. Specify '.' to fetch into the current directory.


project-id-p, --project-idThe Unity cloud project ID.
environment-e, --environment-nameThe services environment name.
help-?, -h, --helpDisplay help and usage information.
quiet-q, --quietReduce logging to a minimum.
json-j, --jsonUse JSON as the output format.
reconcile--reconcileContent that is not updated will be created at the root
dry run--dry-runPerform a trial run with no changes made
service--services, -sThe name(s) of the service(s) to perform the command on