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GitHub Actions

In your GitHub repository, create a .yml file under .github/workflows. You can use the following recipe in your .yml file as an example. For more information, see the official GitHub Actions Documentation.

Sample Recipe:

name: UGS CLI GitHub Actions Demo

## Choose what triggers your workflow, here it is triggered for every push
on: push

## Setting environment variables
UGS_CLI_PROJECT_ID: "your-project-id"
UGS_CLI_SERVICE_KEY_ID: "your-service-key-id"
UGS_CLI_SERVICE_SECRET_KEY: "your-service-secret-key"

## Setting the jobs
## You might want to change the runs-on depending on your needs
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Download CLI
run: curl -OL

- name: Test CLI Commands
run: |
chmod +x ./ugs-linux-x64
./ugs-linux-x64 --version
./ugs-linux-x64 config get project-id
./ugs-linux-x64 status
./ugs-linux-x64 env list
./ugs-linux-x64 deploy <directory-with-service-configurations> -j